I have written before about running ROS 2 on different Single Board Computers (SBCs), including an Odroid-XU4 and a Coral Edge TPU dev board. Recently I got my hands on a Raspberry Pi 4b and of course thought: “let’s put ROS 2 on it!”

There are several resources on running ROS 2 on a Raspberry Pi using Ubuntu as your OS, but I started out with Raspberry Pi OS (formally known as Raspbian), and I will describe here how to install ROS 2 onto that. And, as a bonus, I will also show how to use the Raspberry Pi Camera…

Foxy Fitzroy logo by OpenRobotics (CC BY-NC 4.0), Coral Dev Board © by Google

When I created a robot 15 years ago out of PVC tubes, acrylic plates, a very heavy laptop and my mother’s yoga mat, that was tasked with collecting brightly coloured balls but was more interested in plain white walls, I could have only dreamt of the Computer Vision possibilities crammed into affordable credit card sized boards available nowadays. Google’s Coral board is one of these, equipped with a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) that is optimised to run modern deep neural networks very efficiently.

In my previous post I described how we use the Odroid-XU4 as the main compute of our…

Getting the next generation Robot Operating System onto Hardkernel’s Octa-core SBC for your next robotics project

Eloquent Elusor logo by OpenRobotics (CC BY-NC 4.0), Odroid-XU4 by Hardkernel co., ltd (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The second generation of the Robot Operating System (ROS) is steadily maturing. Although there are still plenty of features outstanding on the official roadmap, ROS 2 has by now had its first official Long Term Support (LTS) release, Dashing Diademata. This release, and even more so the currently latest release, Eloquent Elusor, is now at a stage where it can comfortably be used as the base of new robotics projects.

In my RoboCup team, the Bold Hearts, we are now using ROS 2 on our robots. They were originally based on ROBOTIS’s DARwIn-OP platform, but have undergone several upgrades over…

Sander van Dijk

Roboticist, AI practitioner, CV enthusiast

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